How to Get Reimbursed

In order to receive funding from ASNMSU, you or your organization must have an ASNMSU Senator Sponsor and pass your bills through the three committees in ASNMSU, in addition to the ASNMSU Senate as a whole. Their Senate meetings are held every other Thursday; however, attendance is not required to receive funding. The ASNMSU Senate President will delegate your bill to a senator that he sees fit unless you each have a Senator that you would like to request to spearhead your bill. The Senator authorizing your bill will be your primary point of contact for your reimbursement.

ASNMSU mostly reimburses students for trips, so your organization must have the proper amount of funds to pay for your travels, so your organization must have the adequate amount of funds to pay for your travels. If approved by the ASNMSU Senate, ASNMSU will reimburse your organization. Be sure that you send copies of your receipts to the Senator authoring your reimbursement so that they can include them in their bill.

To receive the reimbursement from ASNMSU, you need to complete 4 hours of community service (2 on-campus and 2 off-campus) for every $3,000 requested and complete a Financial Procedures Workshop through the ASNMSU comptrollers.

The timeframe of getting a bill passed through the ASNMSU Senate varies but is approximately 3 weeks. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your reimbursement, please let us know. We are always willing to meet with you and your organization to run through the requirements with you. Let us know if you have any questions.