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Your Student Government!

ASNMSU Spring 2022 Elections


ASNMSU Spring 2022 Elections are now open. For those eligible, please go vote your your Associated Students of NMSU elections now! Click the this link to vote. Only one vote per student is allowed. If you have any trouble, please contact the ASNMSU chief Elections officer at


As the elected government of the student body of New Mexico State University, we represent the students on city, university, state and federal levels. All students are encouraged to participate in ASNMSU sponsored events, as well as to get involved with the inner workings of your student government as an elected or appointed official.

The Associated Students of New Mexico State University is committed to serving the student body of NMSU. We endeavor to enhance the college experience by providing valuable programs, events, and services to the students of New Mexico State University. As a governing body, it is our duty to use decorum in all situations involving our constituents and the image of the university community.

In future years, ASNMSU seeks to continually grow with the university. This is attainable through ever progressive technology, resources, and leadership. We are committed to serving current students, as well as positioning ourselves to sustain future administrations. Above all, we will represent the interests of the student body at all times.

If you have any questions about how to get involved or about our organization, feel free to visit us in Corbett Center Student Union (1st Floor in the Aggie Lounge) or call us at (575) 646-4415.