Voter’s Guide


Spring 2018 Voter’s Guide

Presidential Candidates





Carley Casey

My name is Carley Casey and I am in my second semester of the M.B.A. program. I graduated from NMSU with my Bachelor of Arts in Dance in May of 2017, during which I fell in love with NMSU. I served as the Director of Services and currently serve as the Chief of Staff for ASNMSU. NMSU is full of diverse and igniting opportunities that help to make it home to me, and so many other students. I want to ensure that students feel that NMSU can be their second home by providing them with a voice and a way to be involved with the university.








Emerson Morrow

Hey New Mexico State! I’m Emerson Morrow and I’m running to be your Student Body President because I believe that your college experience matters, and I want to help make it better. I’ve spent the last three years on campus as an intern, a senator, and your ASNMSU Vice President working to advocate for the New Mexico Lottery Scholarship and make sure that our student government serves students as efficiently as possible. Aggies deserve consistent leadership focused on providing valuable services, inclusive events, and engaging students on the issues that are important to all of us. We’ve made great progress already, but there is still work to be done. I’d be honored to continue that work with you for one more year.

Vice Presidential Candidate








Linda Cisneros

Hey everyone! I’m Linda Cisneros and I’m running to be your Student Body Vice President. I am a junior studying government with a minor in communications and national security. I currently serve as an ASNMSU Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences, a role that has allowed me to be a voice for Aggies. My goal is to serve our students by ensuring our college experience is the best it can be. I strive to better represent the student body that makes up our campus by promoting diversity and showcasing the accomplishments of our remarkable students. I look forward to the opportunity to continue serving and advocating on behalf of my fellow Aggies.

College of ACES Candidate













Kristie Gallacher

Kristie Gallacher is currently a Freshman majoring in Animal Science with a minor in Chemistry. She is running to be a senator for the College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences (ACES). Ms. Gallacher seeks this position so that she may serve the constituents and be a voice for the ACES college by becoming the bridge between our student government and the college that she would be representing. Ms. Gallacher has held leadership roles throughout the years, such as 2016-2017 New Mexico State FFA Vice-President/District II President, 2015-2016 Lincoln County 4-H Vice-President, and has served as class President her Junior and Senior year. She is currently a Roadrunner intern in ASNMSU and seeks to continue her involvement. Hard work, integrity and simply listening have been some of the important techniques learned through these roles. Ms. Gallacher strives to serve everyone in each department within the ACES College in order to best represent the college that she loves near and dear.

College of Arts & Sciences Candidates











Haley Stewart

Haley Stewart is a Junior in the college of Arts & Sciences majoring in Criminal Justice and Government and minoring in Forensic Science. She has served as both the president of the Arts & Sciences Council and the ASNMSU Deputy Senate Clerk since August 2017, and served as the Vice President of the Arts & Sciences Council prior to that. Haley has been involved in a variety of student organizations since coming to NMSU and is confident that her experience with the organization reimbursement process and the ASNMSU Senate would prove most valuable in serving as a Senator for the College of Arts & Sciences. If elected, Haley plans to pursue ways to help organizations follow through with the reimbursement process quickly and efficiently and ensure that constituents’ interests are represented in all of the decision-making bodies of ASNMSU. Go Aggies!















Alexander Warner-Garrett

Hey Aggies! My name is Alexander Warner-Garrett and I am a junior studying Journalism and Mass Communications. I have been involved with ASNMSU since the fall of 2015, serving as a Roadrunner for a year and as an ASNMSU Senator representing the College of Arts of Sciences for the last two years. I also serve the College as a Student Ambassador. I care about everyone’s experience as a New Mexico State Aggie, and I would like to continue representing students as a Senator, and, if re-elected, would be the most senior Senator in the College. With many opportunities available at NMSU, I want to ensure the continued success of our students so they can reach their potential and prepare for their future careers. I’ve always made my involvement in ASNMSU a top priority. Some things I have done as a Senator include increasing types of community service travel eligible for appropriations, increasing membership in the Arts and Sciences Council, amending the Law Book to better serve the needs of students, and working with Sodexo to improve dining at NMSU. If re-elected, I will continue to serve and support our students who represent New Mexico State University in their outstanding endeavors.












Reyaun Francisco

Ya’at’eeh, Hola, Kon’nichiwa, Ni hao, As-salaam ‘Alaykum, Hello, My name is Reyaun Francisco. I am a government major, with minors in International Business and International Relations, and a supplementary major in Law and Society. I am proud to be a student of New Mexico State University, and I want to do the best for our amazing community, which is why I am running for ASNMSU Senator for the Arts and Sciences. I plan to focus on our diversity, the balance of our student government, and environmental sustainability. Being a part of NMSU’s Rotaract Club, the Student Foundation, and the Native American Business Student Association has taught me the value of lending a hand and playing a vital part in NMSU’s inspiring diversity. I hope to work with you in accomplishing our common goal—Graduating. And while accomplishing our goal, I will rely and advocate the lesson of a box of crayons: we are all different, but we have to learn to live in the same box. With humility and respect, I thank you.







Marcus Sanchez

Marcus Sanchez is pursuing a double-major in Criminal Justice and Government and a minor in Spanish at NMSU. Outside of class, Marcus is the secretary of the award-winning Model United Nations team, which represents NMSU each spring at the UN Headquarters in New York, and a member of the ASNMSU Student Advocacy Board, which travels to Santa Fe during the legislative session to represent students on issues such as the lottery scholarship and campus security. If elected Marcus hopes to continue ASNMSU’s tradition of supporting student organizations through funding and providing students valuable services such as free scantrons and Crimson Cab.


College of Business Candidates









Alexandria Beatty

Hello my name is Alexandria Beatty. I am a current College of Business Senator and a junior working to receive a degree in Economics and Government. I have had the pleasure of represent the College of Business for a year now and over that past semesters I have been given the opportunity to be connected to the most amazing people on this Campus. This experience and the opportunities that have been given, allow me to assist the Student Body in receiving their funding, advocating in different aspects from social standards to faculty and academia. I am asking for your support as my passion is to assist students and be the Voice the students of my college need and to do anything and everything to advocate for them Go Aggies!!!







 Josiah Armstrong

My name is Josiah Armstrong and I am a Second-year general business major planning to attend for four years here at NMSU. I am a very active member of campus life having served as an ASNMSU Roadrunner in the academic 2016-2017 year, am currently serving as the director of Business Administration for the Residence Hall Association tasked with helping represent the Residents on Campus, and I am the Director of Programming for the student run radio station KRUX 91.5 FM. I have a love and passion for serving the fellow student in any capacity which has pushed me to run for ASNMSU senate and it would be an honor to represent you, the students of the Business College.


College of Engineering Candidates














Jonathan Ortiz

Hello my name is Jonathan Ortiz and I’m junior here at NMSU, majoring in both Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. I grew up in an environment where selflessness was quite a common practice. Due to this, I have always pushed myself to do the right thing and most importantly, help whoever needs anything of me. It is also worth noting how I strongly believe in the academic advancement of our youth. This has been accomplished by volunteering my time in community learning centers as a tutor, and in high schools as a biotechnology lab assistant. I am also very involved with NMSU by currently being the Vice President of Aggies Without Limits (AWL). I have also been a Senator for the past three semesters and hope to continue representing the College of Engineering. Due to this I will have obtained the skills and experience necessary to excel as a Senator for this future term. I also promise to continue reaching out to the various organizations throughout the College of Engineering to bring awareness to the opportunities that are available to them; and ultimately serve as a bridge between them and ASNMSU.



Conner Stringam

My name is Connor Stringam, I am going to be a Junior in Electrical Engineering, I am from Las Cruces and am proud to represent you as a Senator. I have served as a Senator for three semesters and have proudly supported diversity and clubs in Engineering including Baja, IEEE, AIChE, SHPE, WISTEM, MAES and many others. I believe in an open-door policy and am always willing to help or answer questions.




 Weston Stutzman

I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering, I have worked with ASNMSU for three years, two with Pete’s Pick-Up and one as the Assistant Director of Services. I have served the students of NMSU through the Student Discount Program, running Pete’s Pick-Up, and driving for Pete’s Pick-Up. I intend to advocate for Engineering students and focus on the programs that give us much needed hands on experience when transitioning into a career. Thank you for your time.

Graduate Candidates











Gaspard Mucundanyi

Hi Aggies, I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Curriculum and Instruction with emphasis on Educational Learning Technologies, and a minor in Applied Statistics. I am also serving as ASNMSU Graduate senator since Fall 2017. As a senator, I guide and help students who apply for travel and research funds and make sure that students get their reimbursements. I am a member of Critical Multicultural Educators (CME) and Student Chapter of the American Statistical Association (ASA) Graduate Student Organizations at NMSU. I believe that the first step to care for a community is to “listen- communicate- act”. If I continue to serve, I will make sure that your voices are heard in the Senate, and work with you for getting ASNMSU services including reimbursements for travels. Give me a chance to continue serving you!












Amer Abdelkareem AL-Radaideh

Amer Al-Radaideh is a dedicated, hard-working student. He has ambitious, realistic goals to better benefit graduate students at NMSU. His combined experience in industry and as a graduate student in previous multi-national institutes make him the perfect candidate for the position of an ASNMSU graduate senator. Amer has over 10 years of experience as an engineering instructor at university level institutes, which has allowed him to understand the different needs and expectations of graduate students. Currently, he is working toward his PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering at NMSU. He took the lead and the initiative to help graduate students by founding the Mechanical and Aerospace Graduate Student Organization (MAE-GSO) and is currently the president of that organization. By running in the ASNMSU elections, he is aiming to serve and voice the graduate students’ opinions and problems to the student government.















Ahmed De Alba Garza

My name is Ahmed De Alba Garza and I am a graduate student completing an MBA and a master’s in industrial engineering. I have been part of the ASNMSU senate for about two and a half years in which I have worked hard to advocate for the interests of students and organizations seeking reimbursement. My greatest achievement through ASNMSU was to push for a reform in the international student insurance at NMSU. I began this project over 3 years ago and as a senator I finally had the leverage to make a change. I was able to fight for a policy that saves students $100+ in premiums, adds preventive services and has no deductibles, making it more affordable and better than our past provider. This policy saves international students and students traveling abroad about $200,000 a year. I believe that hard work and conviction to get things done is all that is needed to make a meaningful change in our community. I understand the importance of diversity and engagement within the university and I will fight for my constituents to further their curricular and professional development by supporting bills that will help them compete representing NMSU, presenting and doing research.










Koppner Heinz

My name is Heinz M. Koppner but please call me Michael. I graduated last December from the college of Arts and Sciences with a bachelor in sociology and another bachelor degree in linguistics. While working on these bachelor degrees I finished three minor’s in political theory, philosophy, and religious studies. I was born in Germany a long time ago and a went back to school to make the transition from high school to college easier for my daughter ; as you can see I got hooked in the process (she graduated too). I was a senator for the college of arts and sciences for one year and was appointed by the graduate council to fill a vacant spot this semester. However, I would like to continue to serve the students at NMSU for the coming semesters as a graduate senator. My main concern is the wellbeing of the students at our great school and I hope you will support me.
















Mohammed Tanash

My Name is Mohammed Tanash, I am originally from Jordan. I am pursuing my Interdisciplinary Doctorate degree in Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering at the New Mexico State University. My Interdisciplinary research area focus on the field of High Performance Computing. I received my M.S. degree of Computer Science in 2014 from the NMSU, and my M.S. degree of Information Technology in 2008 from the University Utara Malaysia. I served as a Research Assistant, Graduate Assistant and Teaching Assistant in the Computer Science Department, the Graduate School and the ICT at NMSU, also I received the 2014 Best Teaching Assistant award. I have extensive problem-solving skills and have experience with multidisciplinary work. I am currently a president for Computer Science Graduate Students Organization (CSGSO) at NMSU, and I served as an activity coordinator and vice president for CSGSO at the NMSU from August 2014 – May 2017. I am prepared to fully collaborate with esteemed colleagues in open and friendly methods for achieving the best results. I’m a fast learner, hardworking, outgoing and flexible. To obtain a position that will allow me to make effective use of my expertise, knowledge, and abilities I have acquired.