The Student Hotline


The Student Hotline is dedicated to sharing information amongst NMSU staff, programs and student organizations by email.  Student Hotline Messages are released 2-times a week, on Sundays and Wednesdays at 3:00pm. The only exception being for summer where submissions are done every Wednesday.  In each email release, the message content consists of event information, campus activities, NMSU departmental and organizational notices, and other relevant news for NMSU Las Cruces campus students.

You must be an on campus department or chartered organization to request to post messages to the Student Hotline. We ask for requests to be submitted by 2:00 pm the day of a release to ensure your message will be sent.  If you wish to have your message posted on more than one Student-Hotline release, you will need to resend your release between the time of the last emailed release and the next email release.

For more information on the Student Hotline please contact the ASNMSU Director of Public Relations at

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