Student Memorial


In March of 2005, the ASNMSU Senate passed a bill to match the university’s donation of $25,000 to go to a Student Memorial. The original plan for the memorial was to be located outside of the Health and Social Services Annex. At this site, a walkway would be constructed to honor the fallen students of New Mexico State University. However, construction of the new HSS building forced the memorial to be put on hold.

In 2011, Austin Graham, the president of ASNMSU at that time, picked up the project and held a design competition to get the memorial back underway. Lauren Hotovec won the competition. The location of the memorial was moved across the walk from Garcia Hall.

The design planned for a five foot wall surrounding a centerpiece. Trees were to be placed at the entrance of the memorial. When building began, the wall was only built up to three feet, not the full height; and the trees were planted, but no further progress was made.

Now in 2015, ASNMSU plans to pick up where the memorial was left off and finish the piece as soon as possible.

Every year, there is a memorial ceremony held at this location to honor fallen Aggies. 


Student Memorial- Lauren Hotovec

“The goal of this design is to create a sense of peace and remembrance without specifically creating “memorial’ space. The design I created utilizes a circular plaza to provide a private gathering space and evoke a general sense of tranquility to those who visit it. The contrasting colors of gravel will provide a sense of drama but the simple plant palette and open design will enable the space to be used for multiple purposes. The seat wall is a simple concrete wall with two levels, one at approximately 18″ for seating and another at 5′ for the inclusion of memorial displays. It will also have small planters for the inclusion of annual plants.

The central area should include a sculpture that is reminiscent of a candle.  This strong focal point will evoke the feeling of gentle remembrance we strive for without directly tying into the sorrow that follows the loss of a life.  Ideally, it is a piece that captures the essence of candlelight without literal recreation of a candle. The sculpture and plaza should include lighting to allow for night usage.”