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FALL 2020

Due to the nature of Covid-19, it is recommended to reduce physical contact with other people. In response, the ASNMSU Elections department is providing an alternate route to collect all necessary signatures for this election. If you choose to submit electronic signatures, rather than or in addition to physical signatures, please follow these guidelines:

  1. You may reach out to ASNMSU fee paying members (students within your college) by using this script. If something is in parentheses then you must enter what is appropriate for you. You may NOT alter this script in anyway except for entering your information:
    “Hello, my name is (CANDIDATE NAME), and I am running for a position in the ASNMSU student Senate for the college of (COLLEGE NAME). The reason for this message/post is to ask that you support my bid for candidacy by electronically stating your support. If you wish to support me, please fill out the appropriate form provided by the ASNMSU Elections Department by following these steps:

    1. Follow this link

  1. Make sure my name is spelled exactly as: (CANDIDATE NAME SPELLED EXACTLY AS IS PROVIDED ON ELECTION PACKET).”


  1. Candidates can view a public list of nominations for personal records by following this link:


  1. You may post to your social media pages on stories or posts using the script above to acquire nominational signatures. Be aware that there is room for violation if you do not use the EXACT script as above. You and others (you are responsible for what others post about you regarding elections) who post about signatures for your bid for candidacy can NOT use the word ‘vote’ or any form of it, as it is illegal under section 2-8-1 of the ASNMSU Lawbook:

“Campaigning shall begin no earlier than two (2) weeks before and no later than one (1) week before voting in the ASNMSU general election in which they are running; however, petitioners are allowed to inform individual students from whom they are seeking signatures as to why that student should sign their election petition”

  1. You may submit electronic AND physical signatures (a picture/scan of the physical page emailed) on the due date and time as long as both together add up to at least 25 signatures.​ Remember to try to receive more than 25 signatures in case some are invalid. You are the ultimate person responsible for valid signatures.


As a former Senator, and someone who has ran for a position in the Senate, I understand that this process is a bit tedious, but it is only to ensure a safe and fair election during these unprecedented times. Should you, or those who you are asking for signatures, have any questions about this process, please reach out at

Thank you,

Megan Balkin

ASNMSU 2020-2021

Chief Elections Officer