Graduate Senator I

Ali Seyedkavoosi |

Ali Seyedkavoosi is so honored to be a part of ASNMSU group and help you to achieve the best in your campus life in every possible aspect trough a creative interaction between the university and you amazing students. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, he also worked in the industry for more than two years before starting his Ph.D. and have good experiences in international trades and money management. He will do his best to support you as much as he can. He is here for us, to serve for us!


Graduate Senator II

Amer Radaideh |

Amer Al-Radaideh is currently pursuing his PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering with emphasis on Control and Estimation for Autonomous Vehicles. He has ambitious, realistic goals to better benefit graduate students at NMSU. His combined experience in the Industry, Academia and being a graduate student in previous multinational institutes, he is looking forward to serve you and voice your opinions and problems to the student government. To contact him, his email is

Graduate Senator III

Celeste Herrera |

Graduate Senator IV

Gaurav Jha |

Graduate Senator V

Gopal Tamang |

Graduate Senator VI

Ehtesham Shareef |

Currently pursuing his PhD in RD Microelectronics, Ehtesham Shareef is the President Pro-Tempore and the chairman of Finance Committee of the 62nd Senate. He has been a senator for 2 years for the Graduate School, during which he has worked towards aiding numerous graduate students with research travel. Improving student life at NMSU has always been priority for Senator Shareef and he continues to be diligent towards his duties. You can always text him on 469-704-4386.