Graduate Senator I

Omid Jafari |

Omid Jafari is pursuing his Ph.D. in Computer Science. He has been a Graduate Senator since the Graduate Student Council appointed him to this position in Fall 2019. Since then, he has helped many students get reimbursements for their research travels. He has been helping the Iranian Student Organization from the day he began his studies, and currently, he is serving as the Vice-President of ISO. Omid chose this position with the goal of dedicating all his free time to serve the students he is representing and solving their student life issues. Students can always reach him at and expect a quick response.

Graduate Senator II

Amer Radaideh |

Amer Al-Radaideh is a Graduate Senator at the ASNMSU, and PhD Student in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. This past year at the senate he was a member of the Finance Committee as well as the Vice Chair. He ran for this position because he wanted to make a difference at NMSU and because he enjoys planning, taking initiatives, and creating experience for the student body to enjoy. He is also involved in many other organizations to promote diversity in our campus. He is the Vice-President of both the International Club and Muslim Student Association at NMSU. He also serves as the President of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering GSO. Amer wants to work together to make our school even better!

Graduate Senator III

Celeste Herrera |

Herrera is a master’s student in Secondary Math Education, minoring in Education Leadership. She has a B.S. degree in Petroleum Engineering from New Mexico Tech where she held previous positions in the student government. The graduate assistant for New Mexico’s Alliance for Minority Participation, Celeste can often be found around her office in Engineering Complex 1, Room 115. As someone who is passionate about serving and accurately representing the school’s student body, she promises to share a vision of desired unity and success amongst all students on campus and urges you to reach out whenever needed.

Graduate Senator IV

Gaurav Jha |

Gauav Jha is currently a doctoral candidate in Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences. Multicultural background and focus on community collaboration has led him to several leadership opportunities. As a former Vice-President of Graduate Student Council and President of the Indian Students Association, Jha has an experience to work with Graduate issues and financial processes. His goal is to consider the minute details through interactions and acting as a bridge between the graduate students and the student government for a better grad school experience. He can be reached directly at

Graduate Senator V

Gopal Tamang |

Gopal Tamang is pursuing his PhD in Curriculum and Instruction concentrating on Language Literacy and Culture. Being guided by the value of diversity and social justice, Senator Tamang is ever ready to serve fellow NMSU students with pride, transparency and integrity to bring about rewarding college experience for all. He can be reached at

Graduate Senator VI

Ehtesham Shareef |

Currently pursuing his Ph.D. in RF Microelectronics at the Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ehtesham Shareef is a Senior Senator at ASNMSU representing the Graduate School. He has been a senator for 3 years, during which he has worked towards aiding numerous graduate students with research travel. Improving student life at NMSU has always been a priority for Senator Shareef and he continues to be diligent towards his duties. Students can always text him on 469-704-4386.