Education Senator I

Emily Beker |

Emily Beker is a senior pursuing a major in Secondary Science Education with a focus in Biology. In her freshman year, Emily participated in the ASNMSU Internship program and worked as a 2016-2017 Roadrunner, where she discovered her passion of advocating for her fellow students. This will be her second, going on third term, as a Senator for the College of Education. She has served as the ASNMSU representative on Student Media Advisory as well as served as the Vice Chair for the Senate Finance Committee. In her time with ASNMSU, she has loved supporting various organizations and meeting such diverse people. She is excited to continue supporting and encouraging the students in the College of Education as well as her peers among her. She is a strong believer in the future and thinks everyone in the College of Education is a world changer. Emily hopes to advocate for all students and strive to connect and strengthen relations between students and the exuberant organization that is ASNMSU.

Education Senator II

Francia Ramirez |

Francia Ramirez is a sophomore pursuing a major in Secondary Education with a focus in sciences. She was part of the Roadrunner program, an ASNMSU internship. During this time, she has had the opportunity to work with the ASNMSU Executive Branch. She is an empathetic and reliable person and is willing to help anyone. She believes that if we come together as a student body we can motivate each other and help each other succeed. Francia looks forwards to help students at NMSU have an amazing college experience. As a senator, she plans to advocate and reach out to students to ensure that their voice is heard.

Education Senator III

Anaeli Ortiz-Vergas |

Anaeli Ortiz is a third year student pursuing a degree in kinesiology with a focus on clinical science. This is her first year as part of the student government and is honored to be representing the students of NMSU. Anaeli also served as the secretary of the Kinesiology Club last year and is now the current President. As senator, she plans to institute close relationships within the clubs of the College of Education to facilities their college experience