Emily Beker

Emily Beker |

Emily Beker is a third-year student pursuing a major in Secondary Education with a focus in sciences. In her freshman year, Emily participated in the ASNMSU Internship Program and worked as a 2016-2017 Roadrunner, where she worked primarily with the ASNMSU Executive Branch. She is excited to represent and serve the students in the College of Education as well as her peers among her. Emily hopes to advocate for all students and strives to connect and bring in students to the exuberant organization that is ASNMSU. Please feel free to reach out at We are happy to help!

Salma Lopez

Salma Lopez |

Salma Lopez is currently a sophomore pursuing a degree in Kinesiology. This will be her first year being part of the ASNMSU government and is proud to be representing the College of Education. Aside from Senate, Salma is involved in the LGBT+ student programs, is the Activity Coordinator for the Kinesiology Club and served as the Treasurer of the College of Education Council for the Spring of 2018 term. As a senator, she plans on using her interaction and ability to connect and communicate with the students she works with to ensure that time at New Mexico State is enjoyable.

Wesley Don Juan Reynolds

Wesley Don Juan Reynolds |

Wesley Don Juan (also known as Donnie) is originally from Midland, Texas. He attended the United States Naval Academy for a year and a half and found that that journey was not for him. He originally chose to serve at the Academy as a means or pathway towards his greatest aspiration of changing the world. Although, he does not know what that looks like, his dream has never deterred.
Upon leaving the academy, he decided to attend NMSU because it offered him his choices of majors, Kinesiology and Philosophy, plus the ability to pay his way through school—loan and debt free.
He’s running for ASNMSU Senator because he strongly looks forward to making an impact on the student body, and returning the money that is deserved to each organization.
To be a part of Senate, as he believes, is one small ripple he can make now that will have its lasting effects hopefully on (you) the student body and his future.