Arts & Sciences



A&S Senator 1

Laura Laemmle |

Laure Laemmle is a junior double majoring in Economics and Cultural Anthropology. She has served as an Arts and Sciences senator for one year now. After graduating, she hopes to pursue her PhD in Anthropology and apply it to the concerns of an increasingly global society; she has a particular interest in economic policy and international relations. She can be reached with any questions or concerns at, and looks forward to serving her fellow Aggies.

A&S Senator 2

Andrea Salas |

Andrea Salas is pursuing a major in Biology. She also works for NMSU’s Aggie Welcome and Orientation Office as an Orientation Leader. As the College of Arts & Sciences senator, Andrea wants to aid the college in becoming a friendlier, more open community and be able to provide the best possible changes based on the needs and desires of the students. She hopes to be able to provide a great college experience for all incoming and returning Aggies! Andrea Salas can be contacted directly at

A&S Senator 3

Nicole Duran |

Nicole Duran is a newly elected senator for the colleges of Arts & Sciences. She has experience in Senate as last term’s Deputy Senate Clerk, and has been endorsed by the Arts & Sciences council. She has goals to help NMSU become a more inclusive campus. And encourages students to seek the opportunities available to them.

A&S Senator 4

Megan Balkin |

Megan is a second year Government and Biology Major. She was recently appointed to the Arts & Sciences college as a senator after spending her first year as an intern with ASNMSU and hopes to implement many sustainability measures by working closely with the Community Outreach department. After graduation she hopes to go to graduate school to get her masters in International Relations. Megan is very passionate about the needs of the students and hopes to be of great help throughout the rest of the semester. For any questions or concerns Megan can be reached directly at

A&S Senator 5

Gabriel Ronquillo |

Gabriel Ronquillo is a second-year student majoring in Government with a minor in Spanish. Gabriel first got involved with ASNMSU as an intern with ASNMSU’s Roadrunner Program in August 2018, and was elected into the ASNMSU Senate in October 2018. He is a graduate of Gadsden High School and is originally from Anthony, New Mexico. After graduating from NMSU, Gabriel plans to earn his Masters in either Legal Studies or Public Policy. Feel free to contact him at

A&S Senator 6

Tiffany Flores |

Tiffany Flores is currently a junior double majoring in Criminal Justice and Psychology with a minor in Forensic Psychology. Tiffany is involved in many organizations here at NMSU such as Phi Eta Sigma of the Honors college, Alpha Phi Sigma of the Criminal Justice Honor Society, and Psi Chi of the Psychology Honor Society. Tiffany first started with ASNMSU in the fall of 2018 through the Roadrunner Program. After graduation, she hopes to attend law school and pursue her career as a District Attorney then eventually go into Politics. As a senator, she looks forward to representing this incredible student body and will aim to have equality, diversity, and fairness here on campus. Feel free to contact Senator Flores with any questions or concerns at She looks forward to serving all Aggies!

A&S Senator 7

David Hernandez |

David Hernandez is a junior majoring in Biochemistry aspiring to go to medical school after graduating from NMSU. He is currently involved with le Club de Francais, Black Programs, and LGBT+ Programs. David’s goals as a senator are to be an advocating voice for diversity, continue working towards transparency, aid students with their travels and reimbursements, and work on sustainability efforts around NMSU. David served as a senator from 2017-2018 and is thrilled to be back serving the students, always open to help! He can directly be contacted at

A&S Senator 8

Jarod Peterman |

Jarod is a senior majoring in Microbiology and Human Resource Management. Not entirely sure what he wants to do with that, Jarod plans on pursuing a masters once he graduates. While in clubs and classes, as well as working as a Resident Assistant for two years, Jarod has had countless weird and fun experience that have positively shaped his academic career and personal life. As part of ASNMSU, Jarod’s goal is to perpetuate those experiences for all students at NMSU. He believes every student has the right for a fantastically life-changing college career that prepares them to follow their passions

A&S Senator 9

David De La Cruz |

David De La Cruz is a third-year Computer Science and Spanish major. After graduating, he hopes to pursue a career in the Cybersecurity field. He is currently involved in organizations on campus such as MHAR and the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. David’s goals in senate include being an advocate for continuing equity and diversity here on campus. Feel free to contact Senator De La Cruz with any question or concerns at He looks forward to serving all Aggies!