Chief Justice

Avery Sanford | asnmsu_court@nmsu.edu

Avery Sanford is currently studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Spanish, and is in her sophomore year. After graduating, she hopes to pursue her master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Currently, she is involved with other on-campus organizations in addition to ASNMSU such as Society of Women Engineers. She participated in her high school student government for four years, and was the senior class vice president before coming to NMSU. Avery hopes to use her time as chief justice to help promote the services provided by her branch and to rebrand the Judicial Branch into a more well-known and established part of ASNMSU.

You can reach Avery with any questions at asnmsu_court@nmsu.edu

Associate Justice

Diana Estala | asnmsu_aj@nmsu.edu

Diana Estala is a senior at NMSU studying International Business with a minor in French Language. She was born and raised in Nuevo Casas Grandes Chih, México. She graduated with a degree in Political Science and a second one in Languages from Eastern Arizona College. Throughout her time at Eastern Arizona College, she served as secretary for the International Club and then as President of said organization. After completing her bachelor’s degree, Diana plans to follow her mother’s footsteps and attend law school with a focus on International Law. This is her first year working with ASNMSU, and she is thrilled to be working with such a wonderful organization.

Associate Justice

Jason Miller | asnmsu_court@nmsu.edu

Jason Miller is a freshman at NMSU double majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, with a minor in mathematics. After college he plans to pursue his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He is involved with other organizations on campus including the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. This is his first year in the organization and hopes to be able to contribute to the Supreme Court by adequately interpreting the Lawbook while upholding the utmost propriety.

Associate Justice

Neal Bitsie | asnmsu_court@nmsu.edu

Neal Bitsie is a second-year student pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Physics with a supplemental major in Mathamatics and a minor in Aerospace Engineering. Neal comes from a family long committed to public service and looks forward to the opportunities he gets to serve the NMSU community. During his term, Neal plans on using his ability to integrate ideas so as to formulate a more dynamic and involved Supreme Court. One of Neal’s favorite quotes is “Far and away the best prize life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing”. Neal is excited to be given the opportunity to work hard at work worth doing within the Supreme Court and hopes, that in the process, he will contribute to the continuation of Justice within ASNMSU.

Associate Justice

| asnmsu_court@nmsu.edu