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Senate Funding Flow Chart

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Please read this memorandum before requesting funding from ASNMSU

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Rules Committee Information

– Keeping the Rules of the Senate up to date and ensuring that all bills and resolutions abide by ASNMSU Law.

– Determine whether if an appropriation bill qualifies as an operating expenses bill.

Finance Committee Information

– The Club Treasurer and President must have completed a Financial Procedures Workshop (FPW) in the current academic year. The workshop may be completed online. After completing the Financial Procedures Workshop Quiz, you will receive an email within 3-5 business days regarding your score. If you need your score urgently, you may contact the ASNMSU Comptroller at

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Credentials and Archives Committee Information

Travel Documentation

– Organizations must submit a letter from the organization’s faculty advisor. Letters must include the names of individuals traveling, the name of the event if it is a conference or competition, the duration of the trip, and the travel destination.

– For conference presentation travel, proof that the participant is presenting shall be submitted in the form of an acceptance letter from the academic conference or a program/agenda listing the presenter’s research.

– For competitive travel, proof of competition may be submitted in the form of a schedule or bracket. If the competition has no schedule or bracket, supplemental proof may be submitted. Supplementary proof of competition will be accepted at the discretion of the Credentials and Archives Committee.


Financial Documentation

– If the being reimbursed is outside of the U.S., a copy of the individual International Travel Forms must be submitted to the committee.


Community Service

– At least 25% of the organization’s active members must complete two (2) hours of on- campus and two (2) of off-campus community service for every $3,000 appropriated.

– On-campus community service must benefit the campus of NMSU. – Off-campus community service must benefit the southern New Mexico community.

– If there are less than four (4) students from an organization requesting funding, they may choose between fulfilling the 25% requirement or completing five (5) individual hours of community service for every $3,000 appropriated.

– Community service is valid for one (1) year following the date of the performed community service

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To expedite the reimbursement process after the bill is passed by the ASNMSU Senate and signed into law by the ASNMSU President, please review and fill out the Reimbursement Intake Sheet as soon as possible.