Mathew Madrid | asnmsup@nmsu.edu

Mathew Madrid is senior double majoring in Marketing and Advertising. He started in ASNMSU through the Roadrunner Internship Program and eventually served as the Assistant Director and Director of the Department of Governmental Affairs. As President, Mathew serves as the chief student representative for the student body of the NMSU campus and ensures student fees are being used responsibly in the areas they support. He also serves as the advocate for the student voice to the NMSU administration, Board of Regents and state entities, among others. President Madrid is incredibly passionate about the role ASNMSU has on campus as the student government and ensuring that the needs of the students are met in all facets of their college experience. He welcomes student feedback and options and can be reached anytime at asnmsup@nmsu.edu. 

Vice President

Tiffany Flores | asnmsuvp@nmsu.edu

Tiffany Flores is a Senior double majoring in Criminal Justice & Psychology with minors in Forensic Psychology and Spanish. Tiffany first started with ASNMSU in the fall of 2018 through the Roadrunner Internship Program and was elected as an Arts and Sciences Senator in the spring of 2019. Outside of ASNMSU, Vice President Flores was involved in many organizations on campus such as the Alpha Xi Delta Sorority, Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, Psi Chi of Psychology Honor Society, and the Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Justice Honor Society. She is incredibly passionate about this institution and association and looks forward to leading and being apart of such a powerful student government. Feel free to contact Tiffany Flores with any questions or concerns at asnmsuvp@nmsu.edu and Go Aggies! 

Chief of Staff

Sonya Shanbhag | asnmsucs@nmsu.edu

Sonya Shanbhag is a senior majoring in Civil Engineering. During her time at NMSU she has been an active member of Greek Life and served in ASNMSU for 4 year. Prior to being Chief of Staff, Sonya served as a Roadrunner intern, the Chief Elections Officer, and the Director of Community Outreach. Sonya is passionate about serving the students to the best of her ability and is a strong advocate for students being involved on campus 

Chief Senate Clerk

Austin Floeck | asnmsusc@nmsu.edu

Austin Floeck is a senior double majoring in Human Resource Management and Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Austin has had the role of Chief Senate Clerk for two years and has loved every minute of senate.  If you need to contact him, email him at asnmsusc@nmsu.edu 

Attorney General

Adán Armijo | asnmsuag@nmsu.edu

Chief Elections Officer

Megan Balkin | asnmsuceo@nmsu.edu

Megan is a third year student double majoring in Political Science and Biology. Her journey in ASNMSU started as an intern her freshman year, a Fall 2020 Senator her sophomore year, and now continues as the Chief Elections Officer. Megan has a passion for public service and hopes to someday go into international policy or human rights, but loves her job with the association right now. Megan can be reached at asnmsuceo@nmsu.edu or through her interns at asnmsu_dceo@nmsu.edu. 

Deputy Chief Elections Officer

| asnmsu_dceo@nmsu.edu


Marlon Barrera | asnmsuc@nmsu.edu

Assistant Comptroller

Alejandro Sandoval | asnmsu_ac@nmsu.edu

Assistant Comptroller

Jamayra Camacho-Calderon | asnmsu_ac@nmsu.edu

Jamayra Camacho-Calderon is the Assistant Comptroller in charge of reconciling the Graduate Student Council index as well as the Diversity programs. She also processes senate bill reimbursements along with the other Assistant Comptrollers. Jamayra is a senior majoring in Accounting and plans to continue her education with the Graduate program at NMSU in Fall 2021. In addition to school, Jamayra enjoys spending time with her family and her cat Vinny. This is her first year serving ASNMSU and she enjoys being part of the association.  Jamayra can be reached at asnmsu_ac@nmsu.edu  

Director of Activities

Delaney Kast | asnmsua@nmsu.edu

Delaney Kast is an undergraduate ACES student currently in her senior year. Delaney also is in Delta Gamma Fraternity and served on their recruitment staff as well as their JCMT board. This is her second year in ASNMSU, her first serving as the Assistant Director to Activities. If you need to contact her, email her at asnmsua@nmsu.edu 

Assistant Director of Activities

Evan Stanfield | asnmsuse@nmsu.edu

Assistant Director of Activities

Shawn Roybal | asnmsuar@nmsu.edu

Shawn Roybal is the Activities Assistant in charge of Athletic Relations. In this position, he works in conjunction with the rest of the Activities Department to coordinate student events throughout the year as well as coordinate events with athletics.He is a third-year student majoring in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Spanish. In addition to school, he spends his time leading Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity as the vice-president. His hometown is Santa Fe, New Mexico and he enjoys sports and the outdoors.

Director of Community Outreach

Faith Aguilar | asnmsuco@nmsu.edu

Faith Aguilar is proudly taking on the role as the Director of Community Outreach in her fourth year in the Association. Her passion to assist others has allowed her the opportunity to serve students and the community with annual events such as Keep State Great and The Big Event. She looks forward to continuing to serve the students in her final year as an Executive member.    

Assistant Director of Community Outreach

Danielle Hamilton | asnmsu_aco@nmsu.edu

Danielle is currently a sophomore at New Mexico State with a major in Early Childhood Education. This is her second year as a part of ASNMSU, during her freshman year she participated in the Roadrunner Program and now serves as the Assistant Director of Community Outreach. Her main priorities in this role include; coordinating the Roadrunner Program, assisting with community service events such as Keep State Great and The Big Event, and outreaching to the community both on and off campus. Aside from ASNMSU, Danielle is also a member of Alpha Xi Delta sorority where she also holds leadership positions. Danielle is passionate about serving the students of NMSU in whatever way she can and creating a better campus for everyone.

Director of Public Relations

Mario Martinez | asnmsupr@nmsu.edu

Mario E. Martinez is a Senior in the Creative Media Institute at NMSU, majoring in Digital Filmmaking with a minor in Philosophy. He has been leading the Sigma Chi Fraternity on campus and has been using the leadership development from the fraternity to apply to his position as Director of Public Relations. Mario has a passion for the visual arts and the how it plays a role in our relationship with others and our society. You can contact Mario at asnmsupr@nmsu.edu. 

Assistant Director of Public Relations

Daniel Lira | asnmsu_mr@nmsu.edu

Assistant Director of Public Relations

Anthony McKenna | asnmsu_apr@nmsu.edu

Director of Governmental Affairs

Gabriel Ronquillo | asnmsuga@nmsu.edu

Gabriel Ronquillo is a junior double-majoring in Political Science and Communication Studies along with a minor in Spanish. Ronquillo got his start with ASNMSU as a Roadrunner Intern his freshman year and then served two terms as a College of Arts and Sciences Senator. Ronquillo is now the Director of Governmental Affairs where he acts as the liaison between federal, state, and local government entities and the students of NMSU. Ronquillo has a passion for public service and hopes to one day work in the federal legislative or executive branch of government. You can contact Ronquillo at asnmsuga@nmsu.edu 

Assistant Director of Governmental Affairs

Nevaeh Fierro | asnmsu_aga@nmsu.edu

Nevaeh is a second-year student at NMSU, pursuing a Bachelor’s in Nursing with a Minor in Early Childhood Education. During her first year in ASNMSU she was a Roadrunner Intern and is now the Assistant Director of Governmental Affairs. She oversees the Student Advocacy Board, coordinates ASNMSU voter registration drives, and works with the Director of GA in lobbying at the New Mexico State Legislative Session on issues concerning students at NMSU. Her passion to serve others has led her to her position in the association and she hopes to use these experiences to remain active in health legislature in the future.  You can contact Nevaeh at asnmsu_aga@nmsu.edu  

Director of Services

Jett Barela | asnmsus@nmsu.edu

Jett Barela graduate student in Communication Studies. He has worked for ASNMSU for the past three years and has taken the role as the Director of Services. Jett was involved in several organizations that he is now an alum of such as Sigma Chi and the Lions club. Jett has recently been offered an internship with a non-profit organization in Prague, Czech Republic that he will be doing virtually this semester. You can reach Jett at asnmsus@nmsu.edu