Evan Conner | asnmsup@nmsu.edu

Vice President

Melina Burnside | asnmsuvp@nmsu.edu

Melina Burnside is a junior studying Social Work and Peace Corps preparation. Within ASNSMU, she was involved in the Roadrunner Internship, and served a full term as a senator for the College of Health and Social Services. Outside of ASNMSU, Burnside was a Resident Assistant for Garcia Hall, and is an active member of Aggies without Limits. She is incredibly passionate about this institution and the opportunities that it provides to its students. She is excited to do everything in her power to efficiently lead a student government that is here to implement change and growth within this university. You can contact Burnside at asnmsuvp@nmsu.edu or call 575-646-4415. Go Aggies!

Chief of Staff

Adan Armijo | asnmsucs@nmsu.edu

Chief Senate Clerk

Bethany Mendoza | asnmsusc@nmsu.edu

Attorney General

Harley Rogers | asnmsuag@nmsu.edu

Chief Elections Officer

Neal Bitsie | asnmsuceo@nmsu.edu


Anthony Soto | asnmsuc@nmsu.edu

Assistant Comptroller

Angel Valtierra | asnmsu_ac@nmsu.edu

Assistant Comptroller

Marlon Barrera | asnmsu_ac@nmsu.edu

Director of Activities

| asnmsua@nmsu.edu

Assistant Director of Activities

Ryland Carter | asnmsuse@nmsu.edu

Assistant Director of Activities

Delaney Kast | asnmsuar@nmsu.edu

Director of Community Outreach

Sonya Shanbhag | asnmsuco@nmsu.edu

Assistant Director of Community Outreach

Faith Aguilar | asnmsu_aco@nmsu.edu

Director of Public Relations

Fallon Murphy | asnmsupr@nmsu.edu

Assistant Director of Public Relations

Celeste Ramirez | asnmsu_mr@nmsu.edu

Assistant Director of Public Relations

Emilio Grijalva | asnmsu_apr@nmsu.edu

Director of Governmental Affairs

Mathew Madrid | asnmsuga@nmsu.edu

Assistant Director of Governmental Affairs

Kyla Navarro | asnmsu_aga@nmsu.edu

Director of Services

Carlisle Allbright | asnmsus@nmsu.edu

Assistant Director of Services

Jett Barela | asnmsu_ads@nmsu.edu