Mathew Madrid | asnmsup@nmsu.edu

Mathew Madrid is senior double majoring in Marketing. He started in ASNMSU through the Roadrunner Internship Program and eventually served as the Assistant Director and Director of the Department of Governmental Affairs. As President, Mathew serves as the chief student representative for the student body of the NMSU campus and ensures student fees are being used responsibly in the areas they support. He also serves as the advocate for the student voice to the NMSU administration, Board of Regents and state entities, among others. President Madrid is incredibly passionate about the role ASNMSU has on campus as the student government and ensuring that the needs of the students are met in all facets of their college experience. He welcomes student feedback and options and can be reached anytime at asnmsup@nmsu.edu.

Vice President

Ethan Ortiz-Ulibarri | asnmsuvp@nmsu.edu

Chief of Staff

Nevaeh Fierro | asnmsucs@nmsu.edu

Nevaeh is a third-year student at NMSU, pursuing a Bachelor’s in Nursing with a Minor in Early Childhood Education. Prior to being Chief of Staff, she’s has been served in ASNMSU as the Assistant Director of Governmental Affairs and a Roadrunner Intern. Her passion to help others has led her to the Chief of Staff position and she hopes to continue to advocate for students across the University to her best ability. You can contact Nevaeh at asnmsucs@nmsu.edu

Chief Senate Clerk

Austin Floeck | asnmsusc@nmsu.edu

Austin Floeck is a senior double majoring in Human Resource Management and Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Austin has had the role of Chief Senate Clerk for two years and has loved every minute of senate.  If you need to contact him, email him at asnmsusc@nmsu.edu 

Attorney General

Sonya Shanbhag | asnmsuag@nmsu.edu

Sonya Shanbhag is a senior majoring in Civil Engineering. During her time at NMSU she has been an active member of Greek Life and served in ASNMSU for 4 year. Prior to being Chief of Staff, Sonya served as a Roadrunner intern, the Chief Elections Officer, and the Director of Community Outreach. Sonya is passionate about serving the students to the best of her ability and is a strong advocate for students being involved on campus 

Chief Elections Officer

Armando Burciaga | asnmsuceo@nmsu.edu

Armando is a third-year student majoring in Animal Science minoring in Chemistry and Equine Management. His journey in ASNMSU started as an intern his Sophomore year and then moving into the Chief Elections Officer Position. Mando may not be majoring in political science, but he is passionate to help out animals in the long run. He desires to open up his own small and large animal Vet Clinic  Armando can be reached at asnmsuceo@nmsu.edu or through his Deputy at asnmsu_dceo@nmsu.edu. 

Deputy Chief Elections Officer

| asnmsu_dceo@nmsu.edu

Assistant Comptroller

Luis Morales | asnmsu_ac@nmsu.edu

Luis Morales is a senior majoring in accounting. He is currently one of the assistant comptrollers for ASNMSU. He helps with reconciling base program budgets and reimbursements.

Director of Activities

Jett Barela | asnmsua@nmsu.edu

Jett Barela is a graduate student working on his Master’s in Communication Studies. He received his bachelor’s in Criminal Justice in 2020 from NMSU. As the Director of Activities Jett plans and organizes concerts, publicity, and cultural events on behalf of ASNMSU, is responsible for maintaining accurate and current accounts of all income and expenditures for the special events and performances hosted by ASNMSU, and supervises and reviews the functioning of publicity, speakers, special projects, films, and homecoming. In his free time, Jett likes to go outdoors on hikes and play Xbox.

Assistant Director of Activities

Anthony McKenna | asnmsuse@nmsu.edu

Anthony is a graduate student in the MBA program, and in his second year at ASNMSU. As Assistant Director of Activities, Anthony plans major events around campus such as the Welcome Back Concert, Homecoming, tabling events, and tailgate venues. His second title, Director of Athletic Relations, means he is the liaison between NM State Athletics and the ASNMSU organization. In his free time, Anthony likes grilling, taking photos, skiing in Santa Fe, and camping. As a third-generation Aggie, he is fond of local events such as the Las Cruces Farmers & Crafts Market and International Film Festival.

Assistant Director of Activities

Andie Salas | asnmsuar@nmsu.edu

Director of Community Outreach

Danielle Hamilton | asnmsuco@nmsu.edu

Danielle is currently a junior majoring in Early Childhood Education. This is her third year being apart of ASNMSU, she began as a Roadrunner Intern, served as the Assistant Director of Community Outreach, and is currently the Director of Community Outreach. Community Outreach is in charge of reaching out to the community and local high schools, while also providing large community service events for students/organizations such as Keep State Great and The Big Event.

Assistant Director of Community Outreach

Hannah Strong | asnmsu_aco@nmsu.edu

Hannah is currently a senior at NMSU and is completing her Bachelors in Special Education. This is her first year in ASNMSU and serves as the Assistant Director of Community Outreach. Her main priorities in this role include; coordinating the Roadrunner Program, assisting with community service events such as Keep State Great and The Big Event, and outreaching to the community both on and off campus. Aside from ASNMSU, Hannah is part of the Teacher Education Program on campus. She enjoys being an active member in the NMSU and Las Cruces communities.

Director of Public Relations

Daniel Lira | asnmsupr@nmsu.edu

Daniel Lira is a Senior double majoring in Journalism/Mass Communications and Marketing. Daniel is currently serving as the President of the Sigma Chi Fraternity and has served two years in ASNMSU as Assistant Director of Public Relations and now Director of Public Relations. Daniel has a passion for maintaining and improving brands for organizations and is currently focused on elevating ASNMSU to its highest potential. You can reach Daniel at any time via email at asnmsupr@nmsu.edu!

Assistant Director of Public Relations

Alianna Acosta | asnmsu_apr@nmsu.edu

Alianna is a senior here at NMSU, studying psychology, criminal justice and society and law. She is excited to have a hand in designing merchandise and promoting all the events that happen here at NMSU.  She is also currently serving as Chapter President of Delta Gamma Eta Lambda here at New Mexico State, after serving as Vice President: Panhellenic, and Vice President: Public Relations on the Panhellenic council.

Assistant Director of Public Relations

Lauren Park | asnmsu_mr@nmsu.edu

Lauren Park is a sophomore majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications with a focus in public relations. This is her first year in the association. She is currently serving as Assistant Director of Public Relations. She is also involved with Alpha Xi Delta Sorority. She loves creating content whether it be videos or photos. Lauren wants to help create content for ASNMSU that her fellow student body will enjoy.

Director of Governmental Affairs

Gabriel Ronquillo | asnmsuga@nmsu.edu

Gabriel Ronquillo is a junior double-majoring in Political Science and Communication Studies along with a minor in Spanish. Ronquillo got his start with ASNMSU as a Roadrunner Intern his freshman year and then served two terms as a College of Arts and Sciences Senator. Ronquillo is now the Director of Governmental Affairs where he acts as the liaison between federal, state, and local government entities and the students of NMSU. Ronquillo has a passion for public service and hopes to one day work in the federal legislative or executive branch of government. You can contact Ronquillo at asnmsuga@nmsu.edu 

Assistant Director of Governmental Affairs

Lorena Ortiz | asnmsu_aga@nmsu.edu

Lorena is a Senior majoring in Government with a supplemental major in Law & Society and minors in Public Law and International Relations. She began with ASNMSU this year and is now the Assistant Director of Governmental Affairs. She oversees and assists with the Student Advocacy Board, organizes ASNMSU voter registration events, and works with the Director of GA in lobbying at the New Mexico State Legislative Session in Santa Fe on issues concerning students at New Mexico State University. She has served as an ambassador for the college of Arts & Sciences, Honors College and President Floros. She is passionate about the serving the students at NMSU and hopes to go to law school and specialize in civil rights law or international law. You can contact her at asnmsu_aga@nmsu.edu

Director of Services

Collene Manuelito | asnmsus@nmsu.edu

Collene Manuelito is currently an undergraduate student majoring in Kinesiology with a minor in Native American studies. This is her third year within the association where she serves as the Director of Services for ASNMSU providing free services to the students that include but are not limited to free scantrons, Pete’s Pick Up, and Crimson Cab. Prior to her current position, she served as a Roadrunner Intern as well as a Pete’s Pick Up driver. Collene is extremely passionate about serving the students of NMSU and looks forward to not only being an advocate but creating a better environment for the rest of her peers on campus.


Jamayra Camacho-Calderon | asnmsuc@nmsu.edu

Jamayra Camacho-Calderon is a graduate student in the Master’s of Accountancy Program. During her time at NMSU she has served in ASNMSU for 2 years. Prior to being Comptroller, Jamayra served as Assistant Comptroller. On her time off Jamayra enjoys spending time with her twin Gemini cat, Vinny.

Assistant Comptroller

Andy Santos | asnmsu_ac@nmsu.edu

Andy is 1 of 2 assistant comptrollers that represent ASNMSU. Going on his second term working for ASNMSU, Andy has worked from a range of activities consisting of budget management to reimbursement of expenses. Andy aids in financial support for organizations and their directors to efficiently continue any monetary processes related to student-life activities.