Emerson Morrow | asnmsup@nmsu.edu

Emerson Morrow is a Master’s student at New Mexico State University. In May 2018, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and Journalism and Mass Communications with honors. Before being elected Student Body President, he served as a Roadrunner intern, an ASNMSU senator, and ASNMSU Vice President. He is committed to building a more inclusive student government, engaging the students on important issues, and advocating to create a better college experience for every Aggie. Morrow is a native of Las Cruces and was named NMSU’s Leadership Pioneer of the Year in 2016.

Vice President

Linda Cisneros | asnmsuvp@nmsu.edu

Linda Cisneros is a senior studying Government and minoring in Communications Studies. She previously served Aggies as a Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences, and will now continue to serve the student body as Vice President. By working closely with the ASNMSU team, she will focus on improving our college experience by advocating on behalf of the diverse NMSU student body. Linda will preside over the ASNMSU Senate and work towards empowering the students of New Mexico State University.

Chief of Staff

Jan Bonestroo | asnmsucs@nmsu.edu

Jan Bonestroo is a senior studying Family and Child Sciences with a minor in Child Advocacy looking to pursue a Masters of Art in Counseling, after her time at NMSU. She is honored to begin her third year in ASNMSU as the Chief of Staff, after being involved as a Roadrunner Intern and as the Director of Services. As Chief of Staff, Jan supports and champions the eight Executive Departments of ASNMSU as they provide events, services, and representation for every Aggie.

Chief Senate Clerk

Bethany Mendoza | asnmsusc@nmsu.edu

Bethany Mendoza is a junior here at New Mexico State University, and she is majoring in Communication Disorders with a minor in Spanish. After graduating, she plans on going to graduate school and studying for her masters in Speech-Language Pathology. Bethany has a passion for helping others and hopes to be a helpful, organized, and efficient senate clerk. This is her first year working with ASNMSU, and she is very excited for the opportunity to be more involved in her school. You can reach her at asnmsusc@nmsu.edu.

Attorney General

| asnmsuag@nmsu.edu

Chief Elections Officer

Sonya Shanbhag | asnmsuceo@nmsu.edu

Sonya Shanbhag is a sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering. This will be her second year in the Association, as she was previously a Roadrunner intern. As the Chief Elections Officer, Sonya is responsible for coordinating homecoming, fall and spring senate, vice presidential and presidential elections. Additionally, Sonya is the chair of the Election Board, which is responsible for handling any violations during the election process. She is excited to work with students whom are interested in running for any positions and eager to serve her peers at New Mexico State University by having unbiased and just elections.


Robert Escojeda | asnmsuc@nmsu.edu

Robert Escojeda is an alumni of NMSU having earned his Bachelors of Accountancy in May of 2018 and currently pursuing his Masters of Accountancy. This is his second year with the Association having previously served as a Senator for the College of Business. He is now able to use his experience and skills to manage fiscal operations within the Association and distribute funding to students and organizations on campus.

Assistant Comptroller

Christian Miller | asnmsu_ac@nmsu.edu

Christian Miller is a senior at New Mexico State University double majoring in International Business and Accounting. This is his first year working with ASNMSU and as Assistant Comptroller he is looking forward to assisting the Association with managing budgets and distributing funding for various students and organizations across NMSU. Along with ASNMSU, Christian is involved with Cru and is a Business Student Ambassador and spent a semester abroad in Austria. If you have any questions regarding the Assistant Comptroller please feel free to contact him through his email, asnmsu_ac@nmsu.edu.

Director of Activities

Courtney Beck | asnmsua@nmsu.edu

Courtney Beck is a senior studying Business Management with a focus on Human Resource and a minor in Risk Management and Insurance. This is her second year as Director of Activities and is anticipating a year full of fun events for the student body. Being in both ASNMSU and NMSU Greek Life, Courtney is involved with many on campus activities/organizations and enjoys helping to promote and enhance campus life. After graduating, Courtney plans to attend graduate school to achieve her MBA. Her goal during her term is to bring a greater sense of community to all who bear the name of a New Mexico State University.

Assistant Director of Activities

Ryland Carter | asnmsuse@nmsu.edu

Ryland Carter is a junior studying Government and Economics. This will be his first year working at ASNMSU as the Assistant Director of Activities. Being involved on Greek Life as well as ASNMSU, he wants to be able to provide all students with opportunities and events to improve their experience at NMSU.

Assistant Director of Activities

Miles Stapleton | asnmsuar@nmsu.edu

Miles Stapleton is a sophomore majoring in Mathematics with a minor in Economics. This is his second year in ASNMSU. His first year he spent as an intern for the Roadrunner program working under the activities department. He enjoys being part of on-campus organizations, being the academic chair for Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity and the community outreach chair for Phi Eta Sigma honors society. After college he plans on going to graduate school for statistics. His goal is to make NMSU a place everyone can enjoy.

Director of Community Outreach

Ryan May | asnmsuco@nmsu.edu

Ryan May is a junior planning to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Ryan is passionate in serving the students of NMSU. His goal is to make sure all NMSU students have volunteer opportunities and know what ASNMSU has to offer! You can contact him at asnmsuco@nmsu.edu or (575) 646-4415 for any inquires.

Assistant Director of Community Outreach

Faith Aguilar | asnmsu_aco@nmsu.edu

Faith Aguilar is a sophomore majoring in Athletic Training here at New Mexico State University. This will be her second year in the Association, her first as an intern in the Roadrunner Program, and now as an Executive staff member. During her time as a Roadrunner she loved the involvement and is now proudly taking on the role as the Assistant of Community Outreach. Faith oversees the Roadrunner Internship Program and assists in coordinating Community Service events such as Keep State Great and The Big Event. She also plays a major role in putting on the Leadership Conference which allows local high school students the opportunity to develop proper abilities and skills to aid them in their future. She looks forward to a great year and is excited to provide guidance to the Roadrunners and represent ASNMSU!

Director of Public Relations

Luis Terrazas | asnmsupr@nmsu.edu

Luis is a senior majoring in Computer Science. This is his third year with ASNMSU, previously serving as Director and Assistant Director of Public Relations. As Director, Luis is responsible for many areas of ASNMSU Public Relations such as graphic design, brand management, Campus Feed and Student Hotline management, and various other student events.

Assistant Director of Public Relations

Fallon Murphy | asnmsu_apr@nmsu.edu

Fallon Murphy is a junior majoring in Communication Studies, as well as double minoring in Linguistics and German. This is her third year with ASNMSU, her first year as an intern within the Roadrunner Program and second as the Assistant Director of Public Relations. As Assistant Director, her duties include social media management, graphic designing, managing the Feed, and various other responsibilities.

Assistant Director of Public Relations

Emilio Grijalva | asnmsu_mr@nmsu.edu

Emilio Grijalva is a junior majoring in Studio Art with a minor in Marketing. This will be his second year with ASNMSU, his first year he was an intern for the Roadrunner Program. He will be assisting ASNMSU by managing the Student Hotline, creating content for future student events and ASNMSU’s social media accounts. You can get in contact with Emilio by reaching him at asnmsu_mr@nmsu.edu

Director of Governmental Affairs

William Bradford | asnmsuga@nmsu.edu

Assistant Director of Governmental Affairs

Mathew Madrid | asnmsu_aga@nmsu.edu

Mathew Madrid is a sophomore majoring in 3D animations and visual effects. This is his second year serving in ASNMSU, his first year being a part of the ASNMSU Roadrunner program. He is now privileged to be a part of the Governmental Affairs department and present the needs of NMSU students at the state legislature. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to him at asnmsu_aga@nmsu.edu

Director of Services

Carlisle Allbright | asnmsus@nmsu.edu

Assistant Director of Services

Daniel Salinas | asnmsu_ads@nmsu.edu

Daniel Salinas is a sophomore here at NMSU studying Journalism. This is his first year officially serving ASNMSU as an executive staff member. He was initially involved with the Association through the ASNMSU Roadrunner program, where he was able to become the Assistant Director of Services. He is eager to provide services for students such as Pete’s Pick Up, the Student Discount Program, and many other amenities. Feel free to get into contact with him at asnmsu_ads@nmsu.edu.