Pete’s Pick Up



Need a Safe Escort to your car or dorm?

Whether you’ve been studying late at the library, had a late extracurricular meeting, or if you’re out late on campus for any other reason, you can always call Pete’s Pick Up for a safe escort to your car or dorm. Just call 646-1111 and within minutes a driver will be there to safely pick you up.

Hours of Operation:
Sunday – Thursday

(575) 646-1111

 Who’s picking me up?

2016/2017 Pete’s Pick Up Staff

Kyle Tillery

Major: Business Management

About Kyle: He is a triplet.

Maryah Gutierrez - Pete's Pick Up

Maryah Gutierrez

Major: Elementary Educations

About Maryah: It’s her second year of college, and wants to be an elementary school teacher. She has previously worked for Pete’s Pick Up for a semester and is excited to be back!

Damien Banks

Major: Criminal Justice

About Damien: He’s a sophomore. He lives 10 minutes from the beach back home.

Ina Saiz

Major: Business

About Ina: She’s a Junior. She is a manager for the Men’s Basketball Team.

Eber Dominguez

Major: Biology

About Eber: He’s a freshman & likes to travel a lot. Last Summer he went on a trip to Europe visiting Rome, Florence, Milan, France, and London.

Weston Stutzman - Pete's Pick Up

Weston Stutz

Major: Mechanical Engineering

About Weston: He likes piano, video games, and reading