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Melina Burnside

Melina Burnside |

Melina Burnside is a second year student at New Mexico State University, pursuing a major in Social Work with a minor in International Studies. As a freshman, Melina was a part of the ASNMSU Roadrunner Intern Program. She got the unique opportunity of closely shadowing the ASNMSU Senate and different departments within the Executive Branch. Inspired by the abundance of talented leaders within ASNMSU, Melina is thrilled to play a part in the impact the student government can have on the students of NMSU. She encourages that every student with questions or ideas reach out to the student government, and can personally be contacted at

Rachel Vega

Rachel Vega |

Rachel Vega is in her final year as a nursing student. She is from Monument Colorado, and will be moving somewhere new after graduation. She loves the different ways she can give back to the students in the College of Health and Social Services will continue to give the college a positive image. When she is not studying or ROTC-ing she tries squeeze in as much sleep as possible and a spend time with her family.