Ahmed De Alba Garza

Ahmed De Alba Garza |

Ahmed De Alba Garza is pursuing a degree in Mathematics with an Actuarial Science emphasis and minor in Risk Management. He is a transfer student from Texas A&M Kingsville and doesn’t regret for a second becoming an Aggie. He believes that student organizations form and shape students and even though they might not have curricular value, they prepare students better for the professional setting compared to the students who are not involved. His objective as a Senator is to represent the interest of student organizations and the student body and improve the bilateral communication between ASNMSU and them.

Chad Martin

Chad Martin |

Chad Martin will graduate in May with a Bachelor’s of Science in Geography and an emphasis in Human-Environment Relationships. He plans to pursue a Master’s degree here at NMSU. He has loved his time serving the College of Arts & Sciences as a Senator and looks forward to another great semester of service. He is just returning from a winter trip to Costa Rica and is looking forward to visiting Hawaii over Spring Break through the Sundt Seminar Scholarship. He loves visiting new places and meeting new people, so please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to him!

Ehtesham Shareef

Ehtesham Shareef |

Ehtesham Shareef is currently pursuing his PhD in RF Microelectronics from NMSU. He is one of the Graduate Senators at ASNMSU where he handles problems faced by students on a day to day basis. He is here to serve and represent the Graduate School. It would be his honor to help you get reimbursed from ASNMSU. To contact feel free to shoot me an email at or I would be more than happy to offer my services.

M.D. Sarker

M.D. Sarker |

Md Adnan Sarker is a PhD student of ECE department focusing on RF Engineering. He is always ready to help graduate students regarding reimbursement and represent student’s voice here at ASNMSU. Md Adnan Sarker always welcomes you to contact with him at If you need any assistance, feel free to let him know.

Prasamsa Dhakal

Prasamsa Dhakal |

Prasamsa is a second year graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance and a minor in Applied Statistics. She earned a B.A. in Business Administration from NMSU as well, with a major in International Business. She was born and raised in Thailand and am a native of Nepal. During my time at NMSU, she has held multiple leadership roles within the NMSU Model United Nations team, where she currently serves as President. She was appointed as the College of Business Senator in the Fall of 2014 and last year, served as a Graduate Senator sponsoring over 20 bills. One of her goals this year is to increase awareness of ASNMSU activities and services among graduate students while continuing to assist them in applying for curriculum-based travel reimbursements.

Z.M. Saifullah

Z.M. Saifullah |

Z M Saifullah, a PhD student in ECE department, is originally from Bangladesh. He has completed his MSEE from NMSU as well. He has been a part of ASNMSU graduate senate with a vision “Students First, ASNMSU Always”. His primary goal was to get introduced with students governing body, how system works and to work for the betterment of fellow students in every possible aspects being in the ASNMSU senate and outsides. Although, he is an international student, his focus was never and will never be to any particular students. You all are well come to communicate with him.