Connor Stringam

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David Elver

David Elver |

David Elver, is a starting his junior year as a Chemical Engineer at NMSU. He has been in the senate for one full semester and looks forward to serving the college on engineering for another semester. Orginally he is from Tucson Arizona, and some of his hobbies include hanging out with his fraternity brothers and playing all different kinds of sports. Outside of senate he is a member of a social fraternity, as well as a member of the engineering council and the American Institute of Chemical Engineering. He hopes to be able to help as many college of engineering students as possible in the senate. If you need to contact him please email

Jonathan Ortiz

Jonathan Ortiz |

Jonathan Ortiz is a freshman at NMSU, dual-majoring in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. He grew up in an environment where selflessness was quite a common practice. Due to this, he has always pushed himself to do the right thing and most importantly, help whoever needs anything of him. Therefore, while in high school he and a group of friends founded a substance abuse coalition in an excluded part of El Paso. He is also very involved with NMSU by currently being part of Aggies Without Limits (AWL) and Society of Automotive Engineers Baja.

Valeria Carrillo

Valeria Carrillo |

Valeria Carrillo is a Junior pursuing a double major in Mechanical and Aerospace engineering. Her goals include increasing awareness regarding the student body government and the many services and opportunities provided for students. She is passionate about helping students and organizations expand their academic and professional curriculum by taking advantage of the reimbursement opportunities that ASNMSU offers. She is honored to represent the College of Engineering and be able to help constituents voice their concerns. She commits to serve students fairly and always put their best interest first. Don’t hesitate to contact her if you have any questions.