Corey Stevens

Corey Stevens |

Corey Stevens is a double major in Economics and Finance, a member of the PRIDE marching band, the current Executive Director of The Round Up and a proud Aggie. He grew up in Roswell, NM and now is honored to serve this great university within the state that we all love. His job is to write legislation for COB constituents regarding funding. Also, He wants to be here for any other problem that you may have. Please do not hesitate to email or call him! He hopes that you find ASNMSU to be welcoming, helpful and most of all, your voice, the students.

Kimmy Ferrante

Kimmy Ferrante |

Kimmy Ferrante will be serving as one of your Business Senators for the 2016-2017 school year. She is a junior here at New Mexico State and am majoring in Business Management with a minor in Finance. Along with being involved in ASNMSU, she is also a student-athlete on the NMSU Equestrian Team. She is excited to be working in ASNMSU for the third year in a row and serve as your senior Senator for the College of Business. Feel free to contact me any time regarding funding through ASNMSU at

Marissa Valenzuela

Marissa Valenzuela |

Marissa Valenzuela is a senior at NMSU majoring in Business with an emphasis in Finance. She will be graduating Fall of 2017. Currently, she is serving as the President of the Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA). The primary reason for getting involved with ALPFA is her belief that this organization embraces diversity and provides numerous opportunities for students in the business world today. Additionally, she is the Director of Finance for American Marketing Association (AMA), which strives to promote learning and leadership opportunities for students, faculty, and community alike. This role includes managing all financial transactions within the organization and advising the President and Board of Directors with all financial matters. Her experiences have given her a strong work ethic which have taught her to adapt and embrace change. Her ultimate goal is to be a positive, motivating, example for others in all walks of life. Her previous work experience has provided her with expertise in a variety of areas including manager of a finance company, claims representative, and event coordinator. Most of all, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and is not afraid of a challenge.