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Delorean Forbes |

DeLorean Forbes is a senior majoring in Government with a minor in International Relations and a supplementary major in Law & Society. He was first elected to the ASNMSU Senate in the fall of 2014 and has served students ever since. Senator Forbes is currently the senior senator of the ASNMSU Senate as well as its President Pro-Tempore. He has previously served as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Senate Rules Committee as well as Sergeant-at-Arms. Senator Forbes has maintained a record of leadership and of promoting accountability and financial stability in ASNMSU and can be contacted at

Haley Stewart

Haley Stewart |

Haley is a senior double-majoring in Criminal Justice and Government and minoring in Forensic Science and Economics. Haley is involved in campus organizations such as the Model United Nations, housed in the department of Government, Aggies Without Limits, housed in the Engineering college, and Phi Eta Sigma of the Honors College. She served as the president of the Arts & Sciences Council for the 2017-18 school year. Haley has been a part of ASNMSU since August of 2017 as the Deputy Senate Clerk and looks forward to more directly serving students as a Senator for the college of Arts & Sciences and the Chair of Rules Committee for the 62nd Senate. She can be reached directly at and is open to hear from students with questions on the bill process and involvement with ASNMSU.


Alexander Warner-Garrett

Alexander Warner-Garrett |

Alexander Warner-Garrett is a senior at New Mexico State University studying Journalism and Mass Communications with a minor in Government. He got his start with ASNMSU as a freshman during the fall of 2015 in the Roadrunner program, and he is currently serving his third term as a Senator representing the College of Arts and Sciences. As a Senator, he looks forward to representing the incredible student body and providing support to NMSU’s amazing student organizations. Alexander is more than willing to work with you, so feel free to contact him!

Ana Maldonado

Ana Maldonado |

Ana Maldonado is a sophomore majoring in Biochemistry with minors in Biology, Microbiology, Genetics and Biotechnology and Molecular Biology. Ana began as an intern within ASNMSU through the Roadrunner Program, where she was then elected as a senator for the Arts and Sciences College. Ana strives for diversity across campus in order to bring a comfortable, friendly and welcoming environment for all students of NMSU. In addition, Ana hopes to establish relationships with organizations, staff and students across NMSU to provide resources and support. Feel free to contact Ana at, as she is more than willing to serve any individual within NMSU!

David Hernandez

David Hernandez |

David Hernandez is a Sophomore majoring in Chemistry with a minor in French. Once he completes his education at NMSU he plans on applying to pharmacy school to earn his Pharm.D. David is originally from the small town of Austell, Georgia but was raised in Clovis, New Mexico before coming here to NMSU. He got involved with ASNMSU early Fall of 2017 and was elected a senator later in the semester. Currently, he is involved with the Club de Français and RHA. As a Senator, he works in promoting amiability, trust, and transparency between ASNMSU and the student body! For any help, questions, or concerns Senator Hernandez can be reached at

Marcus Sanchez

Marcus Sanchez |

Marcus is a Senior pursuing a double-major in Criminal Justice and Government with a minor in Spanish. Outside of class, he is the President of the Model United Nations Team and an aspiring traveler. After graduation, Marcus hopes to use his passion for music and comedy on a career that supports himself and maybe a dog or two. Marcus is honored to represent students in the Senate and is ready to work with any organization to help them get the support they deserve.

Reyaun Francisco

Reyaun Francisco |

Reyaun Francisco is a senior majoring in Government with a supplementary major in Law and Society, and minors in International Business and International Relations. He is a senator for the Arts and Science College and is a proud Native American of the Navajo Nation. Having been involved with the Native American Business Student Association and Rotaract, he understands the significance diversity and community service is to and for the success of any organization. He looks forward to spreading the message of a box of crayons: We are all different, but we must work together for a brighter picture/future.

Taven Wachi

Taven Wachi |