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Senate Funding Flow Chart

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Please read this memorandum before requesting funding from ASNMSU

 Community Affairs Committee Information

– At least 25% of the organization’s active members must complete two (2) hours of on- campus and two (2) of off-campus community service for every $3,000 appropriated.
– On-campus community service must benefit the campus of NMSU.
– Off-campus community service must benefit the southern New Mexico community.
– If there are less than three (3) students from an organization requesting funding, they may choose between fulfilling the 25% requirement or completing five (5) individual hours of community service for every $3,000 appropriated.
– Community service is valid for one (1) year following the date of the performed community service.
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Rules Committee Information

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Finance Committee Information

The Club Treasurer and President must have attended a Financial Procedures Workshop (FPW). The next FPW can be found here.

If the event is outside of the U.S., a copy of the individual international travel forms must be submitted to the committee by Wednesday at noon.

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**After completing the Financial Procedures Workshop Quiz, you will receive an email within 3-5 business days regarding your score. If however you need your score urgently, you may contact the ASNMSU Comptroller at**

Reimbursement Intake Sheet