Kevin Prieto | asnmsup@nmsu.edu

Vice President

Emerson Morrow | asnmsuvp@nmsu.edu

Emerson Morrow is a President’s Associates Excellence scholar studying government and journalism at New Mexico State University. Before being elected Vice President, he served as a Roadrunner intern, a senator for the College of Arts and Sciences, and was the chairman of the Community Affairs Committee. This year, Morrow will continue to help as many Aggies as possible by effectively chairing the ASNMSU Senate and working with the president to advocate for New Mexico’s students and Legislative Lottery Scholarship. Morrow is a native of Las Cruces and was named NMSU’s Leadership Pioneer of the Year in 2016.

Chief of Staff

Carley Casey | asnmsucs@nmsu.edu

Carley Casey is first year Masters student studying Business Administration. She previously held the position of Director of Services in her first year with the Association. As Chief of Staff, Carley coordinates and works closely with the eight Executive Departments of ASNMSU and assists them with their duties and responsibilities to the Association. She also works with President Prieto to carry out and accomplish a common vision for the Association, the NMSU student body, and NMSU as a whole. You can reach Carley at her email, asnmsucs@nmsu.edu.

Chief Senate Clerk

Bethany Mendoza | asnmsusc@nmsu.edu

Attorney General

Mason Quinones | asnmsuag@nmsu.edu

Mason Quinones is a senior majoring in Economics with minors in French and Government. In addition to his duties with the Association, Mason is the president of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. Mason was a Roadrunner intern his freshman year on campus and is excited to return to ASNMSU in an official capacity. As Attorney General, he is responsible for keeping the ASNMSU Law Book up to date and providing legal opinions, both official and unofficial, on its contents. He serves as the Association’s representative in all of its Supreme Court cases, as well as serving on the Law Book committee. Mason looks forward to a successful year serving the students of NMSU; if you have any questions regarding the Law Book, please contact him through his email, asnmsuag@nmsu.edu.

Chief Elections Officer

Nancy Mestre | asnmsuceo@nmsu.edu

Nancy is a Sophomore at New Mexico State University, and she is majoring in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science. This is her second year working with ASNMSU, and advanced from the Roadrunner Program to the Chief Election Officer. She is excited to serve the student government by organizing all student elections including Homecoming King and Queen, Student Senate, and the Student Vice President and Presidential Elections. Nancy is also the Chair of the Election Board, which handle any violations that arise in election. She looks forward to working with students who want to run for any election, and is determined to be fair and impartial.


Taylor Brown | asnmsuc@nmsu.edu

Taylor Brown is a Las Cruces native who is majoring in Accounting. This coming December he will graduate with his bachelors and will go on to earn his master in Accounting as well. As comptroller some of his duties are to manage/control the budgets of the various directors in ASNMSU, assist in the process of receiving funding from ASNMSU, and processing payroll. If you have any questions regarding the comptroller please feel free to contact him through his email, asnmsuc@nmsu.edu.

Director of Activities

Donovan Olvera | asnmsua@nmsu.edu

Director of Community Outreach

Adrian Llañez | asnmsuco@nmsu.edu

Adrian Llañez is a senior majoring in Kinesiology with an emphasis on Exercise Science. After graduation he plans to attain a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. This will be his third year with ASMNSU, he previously served as the Assistant Director of Community Outreach. As the Director of Community Outreach he is responsible for Keep State Great, The Big Event, and the Roadrunner Program. He looks forward in advancing the relationship between the NMSU and Las Cruces communities.

Assistant Director of Community Outreach

Ryan May | asnmsu_aco@nmsu.edu

Ryan May is a sophomore pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The career he wishes to strive for is a Traveling Registered Nurse. This will be his second year serving ASNMSU, his first being a prosperous associate of the NMSU Roadrunner program. As the Assistant Director of Community Outreach, Ryan will primarily be the administrator of said Roadrunner program. His other duties consist of coordinating NMSU community service events such as Keep State Great and The Big Event as well as further establishing the bond between NMSU and the Las Cruces community. He is incredibly excited to serve ASNMSU and create an enjoyable experience for all students!

Director of Public Relations

Luis Terrazas | asnmsupr@nmsu.edu

Luis is a senior majoring in Computer Science. This is his second year with ASNMSU, previously serving as Assistant Director of Public Relations. As Director, Luis is responsible for many areas of ASNMSU Public Relations such as graphic design, brand management, Campus Feed and Student Hotline management, and various other student events.

Assistant Director of Public Relations

Fallon Murphy | asnmsu_apr@nmsu.edu

Fallon Murphy is a sophomore majoring in Communication Studies. This is her second year with ASNMSU, her first year as an intern with the Roadrunner Program. As Assistant Director of Public Relations, her duties include social media management, Student Hotline management, and other responsibilities.

Director of Governmental Affairs

Uriel Munoz | asnmsuga@nmsu.edu

Director of Services

Jan Bonestroo | asnmsus@nmsu.edu

Jan Bonestroo is a sophomore studying Family and Child Sciences. Last year she had the privilege to be a part of the ASNMSU roadrunner internship. Now, Jan is very excited to provide great services for the student body such as: Crimson Cab, Crimson Coach, Pete’s Pick Up, the Student Discount Program, Aggie Transit, Free Scantrons and the NYT Aggie Pass. If you have any questions regarding the services that ASNMSU provides, feel free to contact Jan at asnmsus@nmsu.edu.